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LDN Weekly – Issue 90 – 21 August 2019


After a week off, we’re back with a bumper edition.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 89 – 7 August 2019


This week's edition of LDN drives home the point that any election in the next year, general or otherwise, is going to be about housing and Brexit and even when it’s about the NHS, it’s really about Brexit – see below for the story about the allocation of money for hospitals.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 88 – 1 August 2019


Our normal publication schedule was interrupted yesterday by a "chemical incident" next door, which saw the entire LCA team evacuated from the office in a bit of a hurry. A bit of a bother, but thankfully no-one was hurt. Read all about it in the Camden New Journal.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 87 – 24 July 2019

BORIS IT IS (OK you didn't hear this first from us but...)

All eyes are turned to No 10 as Theresa May bows out (along with the Chancellor and a raft of other frontbenchers) and former London Mayor Boris Johnson steps up as Britain’s new Prime Minister. But Boris is just the ruffled blond tip of the iceberg in the news this week.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 86 – 17 July 2019


Is undoubtedly the theme of this week's edition, as a report from a leading developer shines a spotlight on a significant lack of it between the public and the sector.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 85 – 10 July 2019


The spirit of London as a thriving, diverse world city was at its peak over the weekend as 1.5m people turned out to celebrate Pride and mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York.


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LDN Weekly – Issue 84 – 3 July 2019


So much for a quiet summer. While Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt compete for the limelight and offer up their thoughts on housing and immigration, the current Prime Minister is making moves on developers before her time is up.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 83 – 26 June 2019


It's been one of those weeks where everything seems to be happening all at once. A flurry of activity in City Hall has been matched by furious electioneering and a great deal of news from the wider planning and development sector.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 82 – 19 June 2019


There’s been progress in one way or another this week, on lots of fronts, with Heathrow and other troubled infrastructure projects ploughing ahead against strong headwinds (though the potential future PM doesn’t seem too keen on at least two of...

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LDN Weekly – Issue 81 – 12 June 2019


It is almost two years since the Grenfell Tower tragedy and we look at what has happened since then. Meanwhile, new Mayoral initiatives to support the high street, boost the night-time economy, and make London’s streets safer and air cleaner offer hope that City Hall is on the ball. But lagging performance at the OPDC is generating concern. 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 80 – 5 June 2019


...is the endearing nickname of Donald Trump’s bullet-proof limousine. If you live or work in central London, you are unlikely to have missed the armada of armoured cars and helicopters ferrying the US President and his sizeable entourage back and forth across the city. 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 79 – 29 May 2019


The votes are in, ballots counted and London’s eight newly-elected MEPs will soon be off for their (probably) brief sojourn in Brussels. Then again, who knows what will happen between now and 31 October, when the UK is supposed to finally leave the EU?

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