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LDN Weekly – Issue 189 – 22 September 2021


"Michael Gove is the first SoSfLUP, a remarkable turn of events. The fate of planning reform, as well as many a called-in scheme, is in the palm of his hand."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 188 – 15 September 2021


"Oh the schadenfreude of a reshuffle, there really should be a (more) specific German word for it, roughly translatable to ‘a fleeting feeling of misplaced glee tempered by the ennui of knowing not much will really change."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 187 – 8 September 2021


Things are starting to settle back into a vaguely familiar September routine for LCA. The kids are back in school, we’ve begun to trickle back into the office, planning committees are starting up again after the usual August lull, and the political calendar is gradually looking a bit more recognisable.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 186 – 1 September 2021


Following a refreshing summer break, the LDN team is back on the job and ready for the autumn’s usual hustle. 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 185 – 11 August 2021


"The cats are away today and LCA’s Research Rats have come out to play. Our Chairman and Editor are both occupied elsewhere, so opening this edition falls to yours truly. Though we’ve been left with strict instructions to avoid referring to [REDACTED], not to reveal [REDACTED], and to not, under any circumstances whatsoever, mention the [REDACTED].."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 184 – 4 August 2021


"The Tokyo Olympics are providing some great sporting moments for Team GB and despite the lack of crowds, they bring back many happy memories of the London 2012 Games. Plans are afoot to celebrate the 10th anniversary and the incredible legacy of that extraordinary event next year."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 183 – 28 July 2021


As LDN’s regular readers know, LCA tends to let the stories speak for themselves, rarely if ever making too much of ourselves in this must-read weekly news bulletin. But this week, we have news that is simply too exciting to bury. We are really delighted to announce that Paddy Hennessy, Sadiq Khan’s former Director of Communications...

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LDN Weekly – Issue 182 – 21 July 2021


"I am, as ever, indebted to Professor Tony Travers of the LSE who re-drew my attention to the wonderful world of TfL’s tap-in data at Underground stations. Why, you might ask? Well, it is one of the few relatively immediate, accurate bits of data we all have to seek to make sense of the ongoing impact of the pandemic."

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LDN Weekly – Issue 181 – 14 July 2021


As 19 July arrives next week and we move into the next phase of managing the pandemic, the government has rightly stressed that people need to take more personal responsibility.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 180 – 7 July 2021


7 July is always a date that brings back very disturbing images and many sad memories. 

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LDN Weekly – Issue 179 – 30 June 2021


As well as our usual precision focus on planning and development, today’s edition also includes a run down of the latest efforts to create a ‘green recovery’ and a ‘Net Zero’ future.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 178 – 23 June 2021


Two major projects to make London a more pedestrian and cycling-friendly place seem to be making a comeback this week. 

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