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LDN Weekly – Special Issue – 19 December 2019


Our final publication of the year offers further analysis of the results of the General Election in London including insights into how London differs from the rest of the UK, what the rise and fall in the parties’ majorities tell us and a handy A to Z of London seats.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 106 – 18 December 2019


It was only a few days ago that we wrote to you all with our initial take on the election results and what they meant for London.

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LDN Weekly – Special Issue – 13 December 2019


The results are in and they are about as conclusive as it gets.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 105 – 11 December 2019


Well, here we are again. Come 10pm tomorrow, we will have voted in four General Elections over the course of a decade.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 104 – 4 December 2019


Two weeks before the General Election, campaigning was paused as London suffered another terror attack in which two young people sadly lost their lives.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 103 – 27 November 2019


For a Mayor who has frequently appeared reluctant to expose himself to controversy, the past week’s events are a reminder that, when push comes to shove, Sadiq is well capable of standing firm. But that’s not to say that this latent resolve will definitely pay off.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 102 – 20 November 2019


We may all be increasingly distracted by the political manoeuvres, mishaps and misanthropy we are subjected to on a daily basis as the General Election approaches – the manifestos are being launched, one-by-one, this week - but the world beyond Westminster continues to turn.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 101 – 13 November 2019


With slightly less than a month to go, this week we are launching LDN’s dedicated 2019 General Election section, which focuses on developments in the capital and the Home Counties.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 100 - 6 November 2019


So what does the 100th edition hold? We’ve got the latest on polling, parliamentary candidate selections and news of City Hall’s organisational transformation.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 99 – 30 October 2019


Following another rollercoaster week in Parliament – and crucially, the EU’s approval of a Brexit extension to 31 January 2020 – the Government and Opposition have agreed to hold a General Election on 12 December 2019. Results will, perhaps appropriately, be known on Friday the 13th…

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LDN Weekly – Issue 98 – 23 October 2019


An extension to the current 31 October Brexit date is looking increasingly likely, as is a snap General Election, after the Commons frustrated the Government’s plans to fast-track a revised Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

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LDN Weekly – Issue 97 – 16 October 2019


In today’s edition we’ve got major planning decisions in outer London in Havering and Kingston, planning battles in RBKC and planning headaches for any schemes reliant on Public Works Loan Board money.

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LDN - London in Short

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LDN – London in Short

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