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Jenny Trieu, Middleweight Integrated Designer


T: 0204 580 1434

Jenny has worked at LCA as a Middleweight Designer for four months in July 2023, and has now joined the team permanently as a Middleweight Integrated Designer in January 2024.

Before joining LCA, Jenny gained four years of experience working within the creative team at Westco Communications, working on various print and digital projects within public and not-for-profit sectors. During her time, Jenny had evolved The Reporter Magazine for Westminster City Council, consistently delivering content that resonates with the community. 

Jenny is always eager to learn new skills whenever she can. She has completed coding courses on Javascript and HTML, and now she is currently upskilling her knowledge in web design.

Outside of office hours, Jenny finds joy in spending quality time with friends and family. Embracing the calmness of long walks or having a solo visit to the latest art exhibition, she appreciates the simple pleasures of life.