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Adina Ovsiowitz, Senior Digital Executive


T: 020 7291 1507

Adina joined LCA as an Account Assistant in January 2022, having graduated with a degree in Media and Communications from the University of Sussex in 2019. With a host of work placements across communications, marketing and social under her belt, she always has her finger on the pulse of news and social media trends.

Adina expertly navigates the dynamic landscape of LCA, collaborating with a diverse range of corporate, consumer, and social clients. Leveraging her extensive expertise from each sector, she ensures the seamless execution of projects.

In her multifaceted role as Senior Digital Executive, Adina not only produces high-quality content but also excels in managing paid and influencer partnerships. She spearheads media outreach and crafts compelling press releases, while her proficiency in content production brings creativity and precision to the forefront. As a skilled copywriter, she captures the essence of client branding and ideas, delivering impactful messages. Adina's ability to curate and capture content further contributes to the success of her tasks.

When not searching for next best True Crime docuseries on Netflix, Adina can be found spending her time with friends and family… probably eating Mexican food.