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Posted: 11.03.24

Sunny Cannes?

As I get ready for my 9th MIPIM and start deciding what to pack (keeping a close eye on the changing weather forecasts), I am also wondering how busy it will be and what it will feel like this year?

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I have a crammed diary and am looking forward to meeting-up with many clients and associates (and our drinks reception on Wednesday afternoon with Town Legal is heavily oversubscribed -add tags here), however, a number of companies are sending less people or no one at all to MIPIM this year, with many stalwarts being noticeably absent.

So, is sunny Cannes (fingers crossed!) losing its appeal?

Certainly, cost must be a factor when considering which conferences to attend. There is no question that MIPIM costs have spiralled - everything from a glass of rose, to travel, accommodation and hosting receptions and dinners – are significantly more expensive than they’ve ever been. 

Attending UKREiiF in Leeds may therefore seem like a more convenient and cost-efficient option, particularly for the public sector. Note: that it has been delightfully sunny at both previous conferences in Leeds (sorry if I have just jinxed the weather for this year!)

Clearly, which conference you attend depends on what you want to achieve and the audiences you want to reach. At LCA we have decided to send a much bigger team to Leeds than we are to Cannes this year.

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So, what will the vibe be like at MIPIM this year?  Will it still have the wind in it sails?

I have the pleasure of attending both conferences again with our Chief Executive Jonny Popper (pictured left), so will be able to take a considered view at the end of May.

Whether I see you in Cannes or Leeds, have a good conference and may the sun shine on you wherever you are. PS: I am packing a raincoat for both!

By Jane Groom
Partner & Co-Managing Director, Politics, Engagement and Planning

Get in touch if you would like to set up a time to meet with either Jane or our Chief Executive Jonny – or just come and say hello on the London Stand!

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