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  • Andrew Boff: Let London keep its Stamp Duty revenue

    London Assembly member Andrew Boff (Con) has today written his case for “DevoLondon” on the Conservative Home blog.

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  • People Power: Question Time in Waltham Forest

    Tuesday saw People’s Question Time (PQT) being held in Waltham Forest. It is one of two annual opportunities for Londoners to put their questions to the Mayor and a number of Assembly Members in an open (and sometimes heated) forum.

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  • Devolution gets a rocket: The brightest star – a manifesto for London by Centre for London

    Centre for London is now punching at its weight. The London Conference last week generated a lot of media interest around the devolution issue, which had quietened down since the Scottish referendum, but had the double whammy of Osborne’s comments about Manchester one day and the conference the next.

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