St George West London – Dickens Yard
Winning a bid to develop publicly owned land in Ealing town centre

Context and Objectives

The London Borough of Ealing was seeking a development partner to take forward the regeneration of the Dickens Yard site behind the town hall in Ealing. Apart from generating a capital receipt for the council, the authority also saw this development as a fundamental element in their vision to improve the area, bringing in new high quality retail and residents to the town centre.

The LCA Role

LCA’s initial role was to help St George create a strong bid for the site based on a sound knowledge of the local area, politics and issues, including town centre activity, retail opportunities, housing need and cultural impact. LCA also handled the media interest in the competition to select a partner, liaising closely with the borough’s comms team. St George won the bid in 2006 against strong competition from three other leading developers.

Off the back of the bid, LCA advised St George on the pre application consultation from 2007 to 2008, helping shape the messaging around the initial design of the scheme and then steering through the scheme against some local opposition.

Since 2009 LCA has provided regular advice to St George on the ongoing development including through a JR challenge, rights of way negotiations, a CPO and then as an example of high quality town centre regeneration.

Results Delivered

St George was selected as the development partner in 2006. LCA was retained to advise on the pre-submission consultation. Following consent in 2009, St George rapidly begun construction and by the end of 2012, over 120 of the 698 homes were built and occupied with another 100 under construction and by mid 2016 nearly all the homes have been sold, with construction due for completion by 2018, including a major new square for Ealing.