London Elects
Raising public awareness of the 2012 GLA elections

Context and Objectives

The 2012 GLA elections featured the same main party candidates as 2008 and so a key challenge for the London Elects team was how to generate awareness, raise interest and increase understanding of the election.

LCA won a competitive tender to develop and implement a proactive public relations campaign to raise awareness of the elections, explain how to vote and educate the public about the role of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.

The LCA Role

LCA’s approach was both creative and intelligence-led. The PR campaign focused on a core promotional idea, the Ballot Box roadshow, which saw us take a giant, branded inflatable Ballot Box across town centres in all 33 boroughs as well as to key London landmarks – a huge logistical challenge.

This was supported by 10 core PR ideas focusing on the key election milestones, such as a photo shoot at City Hall of first-time voters, in a phased activity programme over four months.

Detailed research, based on our unique understanding of the capital, formed the foundation to the campaign which included a heatmap showing 2008 turnout across London’s 627 wards used to produce a tailored press release and map for every borough.

Results Delivered

The reach and effectiveness of the campaign is evident from over 200 pieces of media coverage and 3.3 million website hits, far exceeding previous campaigns. Media coverage spanned every local paper in London, a wide range of BAME press and broadcast media.

Online there were over 1,500 London Elects tweets and over 100 blog articles. Plus we visited 38 separate locations with the Ballot Box in only eight weeks.

Turnout in the election itself was higher than predicted and at 37.4% far higher than the national average of 31.3%.