London City Airport
Building support for the airport during a legal challenge

Context and Objectives

London City Airport is the UK’s premier business airport serving over 30 destinations, a crucial driver for regeneration in East London and a core part of the London offer as a magnet for investment and trade.

The airport has always enjoyed strong relations with its local communities but became increasingly engaged in the aviation debate as it responded to the Government’s Airport White Paper which required airports to set out their long term plans to maximise existing infrastructure.

It was therefore important to remind stakeholders of the vital role it plays in supporting the local and regional economy.

The LCA Role

LCA supported London City Airport throughout the consultation on its Masterplan and then through the planning process which led to a consent to expand the number of flight movements allowed from 80,000 to 120,000 a year.

When a legal challenge to the consent was lodged, we worked closely with their planning and legal teams to ensure that the public debate created remained balanced.

Central to this was developing the economic benefits of London City Airport, based on detailed studies undertaken by York Aviation. LCA had to succinctly and accurately present a great deal of information in a digestible format and ensure there was a strong core set of key messages, with supporting stakeholder and media strategies in place.

Results Delivered

The brochure ‘Integral to Growth’ was officially launched at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry attended by senior business leaders and opinion formers.

Coverage was secured in the regional and local press, with a renewed understanding of the importance of the airport as a driver for jobs and growth.

The legal challenge was eventually dismissed on all grounds and LCA continues to support the airport as it prepares further planning applications to improve its facilities.